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o_a_o_d is the idea to use already functioning social network services and cross link them, to use each one for specific transactions while collectively developing generative design strategies and applications.

this way we can avoid promoting any specific agenda or particular interest-there is no central web page, just a number of linked nodes.
we are focused on custom tools creation, evolution and evaluation, since these can be shared with broader communities, and if proven useful-assist bottom up design and building processes.
do you have any suggestions? functionality, the way it is explained, purpose…

links on the right.


About oaod

share design ideas, inspire others with your visions of space, develop custom tools leading towards full scale manifestations of open source culture! there is already a large community of designers using programing or scripting languages. unfortunately publishing source codes is still mostly an advertising strategy. it would be great to imagine and develop new custom design applets collectively, to achieve real diversity of outcomes. from very pragmatic to entirely imaginary. would be even better, if this knowledge could be used by people outside of the discipline, so not bounded to specific software package (like rhino, maya, dp). this collection should develop into cross-software platform for creative collaboration. use comments to establish links to reworked software versions or similar topics. links below establish a networked body enabling various ways of inspiration, ideas and project development and possible implementation. please feel free to submit anything useful for designers, architects, city planners or urban thinkers. current source code exchange site: general applications of processing in architecture: our vimeo show-off page: our flicr show-off page: and this is how we are going to build!
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